5 ways you can protect your eyes from computer and cell phones

In this modern era, the use of technology is a must for easier and faster completion of work. The use of computer is increasing day by day to do daily official tasks. People use computers for entertainment purpose as well . They use the computer for Entertainment and Gaming. The use of computer is increasing rapidly. With the more use of  computer, people are facing serious eye problems. People of today are found to be using cell phones far too much. The apps like facebook, instagram, whatsapp make people have their eye on the screen more often. Nowadays, the kids and teenagers are very much addicted games like PUBG and free fire. With more addiction  to such apps and games people face the  cell phone screen and mobile screen too much.They face the problem of blur vision, different types of infections, pain in the eyes and so on. This is a serious problem and it should be avoided.

some of the methods that we can use for eye protection while using computers are :

Maintain proper screen brightness

The eye problem is more often seen on those people who keep the screen brightness too high. The screen brightness of a cell phone and computers should be well maintained so that it does not affect the retina. Neither too bright nor too dim light is used in normal environment. The light should be properly balanced and the balanced light should hit the eyes.

While using computers, the overhead fluorescent light should be turned off.  Use of floor lamps could be a better option.

Keep blinking more

You need to blink more often so that the retina of your eye does not hit the screen in a constant basis. Blinking of your eyes is very often while working on a computer or using cell phones as it helps in moisturizing your eyes and protect the eye from dryness and irritation.

People blink less while looking at the computer screens and cell phone screens than normal. People using computers usually blink 1/3rd of the blinking in normal circumstances.Due to less blinking of eyes, the eyes become dry more often during computer use. Artificial tears can be used in order to reduce the dry eyes problems, as per the recommendation of your eye doctor.

Frequent eye exercises during the course of computer use can be carried out in order to keep the eyes   functioning normally. Blinking eyes for 20 times in a certain time interval can keep the eyes wet and reduce any further eye problems.

Keep exercising your eyes

Continuous exposure of eyes towards the screen makes the eye fatigued. To reduce the risk of eye tiredness look away from the screen in a interval of 30 minutes. Focus your eyes away from the screen and gaze at around a point far to keep the eyes fresh. Looking away at a distance after continuous staring at the screen relaxes the muscles of our eyes. Blinking frequently and performing these exercises at a regular interval of time reduce eye strain.

Keep changing the focus

While using a computer and cell phones our focus is so much in the screen, this causes eye strain. So at a particular interval of time the focus should be changed in order to prevent from ‘lock focus’. At around 20 minutes of working, the focus must be turned away from the screen so that the eye muscles could expand and function normally. After moving the focus from the screen the eyes must be relaxed and you can carry on with your tasks.

Consult your eye doctor on a regular basis

After working in such screen environments more frequently, some problems can be seen in your eyes. so a regular checkup is recommended in order  to protect yourself from any future eye problems. The doctors would also warn you about maintaining the distance between your eyes and your screen at about 20 inches. The doctor might provide you with glasses which prevent the light of the screen from entering your eyes. Use of  spectacle could be the main solution of any further eye problems

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